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Founded by Kris Torres in September of  2018, F.E.M. Films is the newly-started production club at the University of Florida. 


Our organization is a production club focused on empowering female producers, directors, videographers, editors, and aspiring talent to collaborate comfortably and make wonderful productions, including promotional videos,  short films, documentaries, music videos and more!


f.e.m. films provides young, aspiring filmmakers with the opportunity to learn how to develop a studio from the ground up. FEM Provides a collaborative environment to network and empower other FILMMAKERS with the same interests.

“These girls have reaffirmed my purpose and have given me reason to continue the work that is necessary for more progress. for that, I will be forever grateful. 


I am extremely proud to stand by these girls and the name F.E.M. Films, for this next movement is for the WOMEN. 


Just wait for the revolution."


-  Kris Torres Founder of F.E.M. Films

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