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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
Kris Torres is a Broward County native, recent graduate of the University of Florida, and the Founder of F.E.M. Films. Art has always been a form of expression for me, but I didn’t get into film until college. I was always into dance, music, poetry, and painting. Back in South Florida, I used to consistently go to open mics, throw events, and find more songs to choreograph to. Little did I realize, I could combine my love for performance art, rally up performers, and create something beautiful from the ground up. Performers, who also do production, are the strongest forces in making magic in this industry. 
All my experiences from South Florida, and my contacts from the University of Florida have helped mold this idea into a reality. F.E.M. Films is my proudest achievement at the University of Florida because of how different it operates than most organizations on campus.
On my spare time outside of working as a Creative Content Creator, I still try to write and dance as much as I can. Art will always be a type of healing and adrenaline I cannot attain anywhere else. I am so thankful for this opportunity to perform and show my girls how much their impact has on this campus and in my peace of mind. I aspire to create the W.O.E. (Women of Entertainment) Network and bring women across the globe together to collaborate, inspire change, and cultivate ways to keep the dream alive.
I want to combine entertainment and social activism to expand a global platform for women across the world trying to create change through art. 
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